We work with talented professionals who have interesting stories, and we like to highlight one or two of our promotional specialists each month in our blog. This month, we want to shine a spotlight on our Presence Events President, Emily.

“I like interacting with people on a daily basis and I strive to be a lifelong student. When I realized this industry gave me a chance to do both those things as part of a lucrative career, I wanted in,” shared Emily. “Once I was on-boarded, I found that networking was the secret to working my way into the position I hold now. I make it a rule to talk to the people who are where I want to be, and then grow with them as much as possible.”

When asked about the most important skills she’s developed in her time with Presence Events, Emily immediately mentioned her student mentality and confidence in communication. Everyone has something to teach her and learn from her, so she doesn’t hesitate in sharing her strengths and weaknesses.

“I think the biggest part of my background that impacts my leadership style is my time as a volleyball player,” Emily stated. “I played competitively for over 10 years and took on captain and leadership roles with individuals who were very different than me. It helped me stay goal-oriented and focused on practicing my skill set. I bring this same perspective to my role as President, and I’m experiencing the same winning results.”

Emily sets the bar high, and then empowers us to go beyond it. Find out more about our team by liking Presence Events on Facebook.

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“We help brands establish a presence in marketplaces that they might not otherwise get an opportunity to be in.”

— Aaron

“Products are meant to be interacted with – in person. That is how we blend traditional marketing with the modern methods.”

— Sara