Succeeding in the world of business, whether as an entry-level worker or corporate CEO, requires networking. After all, relationships lead to information, support, referrals, and more. We’ve learned some tried-and-true networking strategies in the Presence Events training program, and they come through for us every time. Here are a few examples:
• Be Purposeful: We don’t roam about an industry gathering – or even a Presence Events campaign site – introducing ourselves to people at random. Prior to the event, we learn as much as possible about the other attendees. Then we identify the ones with whom we can exchange the most value, and focus on meeting them.

• Remember Names: We’ve learned that a bit of nervousness is common when networking. This is okay as long as it doesn’t interfere with the process. Instead of letting anxiety cause us to forget people’s names, for instance, we repeat those names at least twice during our conversations. Doing so helps us remember – and shows others that we’re fully engaged with them.

• Prepare Talking Points: When we research the people who will attend a particular event, we also develop some questions and comments that will help us build rapport with them. By learning about their expertise, challenges, and goals, we position ourselves to be remembered favorably.

These techniques help us make lasting connections. Follow Presence Events on Twitter for more helpful networking insights.

We set people up for career success at every stage.


“We help brands establish a presence in marketplaces that they might not otherwise get an opportunity to be in.”

— Aaron

“Products are meant to be interacted with – in person. That is how we blend traditional marketing with the modern methods.”

— Sara